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Ofir E. Alon

Is an associate professor at the department of physics of the university of Haifa at Oranin, Israel, and works on physics of cold atoms, such as fragmentation, and computational methods, primarily for non-equilibrium dynamics.

Ehud Altman

Senior Scientist (Assistant Prof.), condensed matter theory, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Immanuel Bloch

Experimental physicist working on ultracold bosons and fermions in lattices. Interested in quantum magnetism, non-equilibrium dynamics, single site manipulations, low-dimensional system, strong correlation effects, Mott transition, higher lattice orbitals, artificial gauge fields, quantum information and entanglement of particles in optical lattices

Christoph Bruder

Condensed-matter theory, quantum coherence and quantum computing, ultracold atoms, nanomechanics

Gabriele De Chiara

Postdoc fellow at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain) working with Anna Sanpera.
Research: strongly correlated magnetic systems, DMRG, quantum information, trapped ions.

Claudia De Grandi

graduate student at Boston University with A.Polkovnikov, now KITP fellow at UCSB for the fall semester
Research: adiabatic dynamics in strongly correlated systems, slow and fast quenches in one-dimensional Bose gases

Michael McNeil Forbes

Research Assistant Professor, Institute for Nuclear Theory and the University of Washington (Seattle).
I work on a variety of topics related to fermion many-body theory, ranging from cold atoms through nuclear matter to quark matter. Presently I am exploring density functional theories (DFT) to model both static and dynamic properties of Fermi systems, including novel states such as LOFF (FFLO), and the dynamics of topological defects such as domain walls and vortices. I also explore many-body physics in astrophysical contexts such as neutron stars, and entertain a somewhat unorthodox dark matter proposal consisting of quark antimatter nuggets that -- despite having observable emissions -- continues to be consistent with all observational tests we throw at it.

Michael Fleischhauer

head of theoretical quantum optics group, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Marvin Girardeau

Research Professor, School of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona
Please see my home page

Sarang Gopalakrishnan

graduate student at the University of Illinois -- Urbana with P.M. Goldbart, KITP fellow at UCSB for the fall semester
Interests: crystalline and glassy phases of BECs in optical (especially multimode) cavities; BEC-BCS crossover in spin-dependent lattices and in the presence of strong disorder; SU(N) models in alkaline-earth systems; far-from-equilibrium phase transitions and phases.

Alexey Gorshkov

Postdoctoral Scholar, Institute for Quantum Information, Caltech, Pasadena, CA.Formerly (and very recently) a theory graduate student with Mikhail Lukin at Harvard.

Andreas Hemmerich

experimental physicist working with ultracold atoms. Recent research topics include orbital optical lattices, artificial gauge fields in driven optical lattices and optical lattices implemented in optical high finesse cavities with the aim to engineer non-local interactions.

Andrew Ho

EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow and Lecturer, Dept Physics, Royal Holloway, University of London. I am a theorist
interested in strongly correlated systems, including cold atoms, Helium thin films, and electronic systems. Recent research interests: non-equilibrium dynamics in optical lattices, orbital physics, 1D systems.

Sebastian Huber

Postdoc at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
Current interests: Interacting bosons in flat bands, 2D dipolar gases, fermionic systems with particle loss.

Adilet Imambekov

Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Rice University, Houston, Texas.
Current interests include strongly correlated phenomena with ultracold atomic gases, many-body dynamics,
low-dimensional systems (especially beyond Luttinger liquid physics) and exactly solvable models.

Gediminas Juzeliunas

head of theoretical quantum optics group, Vilnius University, Vilnius

Maciej Lewenstein

is a head of Quantum Optics Theory group at ICFO - Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques in Castelldefels,
Barcelona, Spain. My interests range from ultracold matter [ultracold dipolar gases (recent paper - a review), ultracold spinor gases (spin 1 bosons in hexagonal lattice, 3-body interactions via spinor physics, high F fermions), disordered ultracold gases (disorder induced order), frustrated ultracold gases (frustrated bosons in modulated triangular lattice), ultracold gases in artificial gauge fields (quantum vortex nucleation, IQHE in non-Abelian fields, SHE and topological insulators in 3D, Fermi superfluidity - p-wave and in non-Abelian fields - in a lattice), quantum dynamics and dissipative systems (Gaussian models, quantum kinetic Ising models), detection (atom and spin counting, spin polarization spectroscopy), entanglement in many body physics (area laws in dissipative systems)], quantum information [mathematical theory of entanglement, quantum correlations, entanglement percolation], matter in intense laser fields [harmonic and X-ray generation, above threshold ionization, 2- and 3-electron ionization, semi-classical methods].

Xiaopeng Li

Graduate student at University of Pittsburgh with W. V. Liu. Current interests: orbital physics in Two dimensions, effective field theories for strip orders, algorithms for simulating quantum many body system.

W. Vincent Liu

is an associate professor of physics at the University of Pittsburgh. Current interest includes superconductivity and superfluidity with unconventional pairing, many-body physics of p-orbital lattice bands, finite-momentum BEC, 1D exact solution and effective theories, and applications of field theory.

Pietro Massignan

Research Fellow on theory of Ultracold Atoms in the Quantum Information group at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, and Visiting Scientist in the Quantum Optics Theory group at ICFO (Institute of Photonic Sciences), Barcelona, Spain.
Current research interests: fermionic superfluids (in s-wave and p-wave), synthetic gauge fields for neutral atoms, ultracold gases in presence of disorder, polaron dynamics, few-body physics.

Gerardo Ortiz

Department of Physics, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

Masaki Oshikawa

is a Professor at Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo;
has a few papers on cold atoms but does not really know much about fine details of cold atomic systems yet (and is eager to learn from you guys!). Originally from quantum magnetism, one dimensional quantum many body problem and conformal field theory, etc.

Daniel Podolsky

is an assistant professor at the Department of Phyiscs, Technion, Israel. His current interests include spinor condensates, quantum magnetism and high temperature superconductivity.

Matteo Rizzi

PostDoc Fellow at Max Planck Institut für Quantenoptik, Garching (DE). Current research interests in Hamiltonian engineering in cold atomic setups and in conceiving quantum information inspired numerical techniques for many-body problems.

Helmut Ritsch

is theoretical physicist and current head of the Theorectical Physics Institute at the University of Innsbruck. Current interests: ultracold gases and cavity QED and cavity cooling of polarizable particles

Anna Sanpera

I am interested in Quantum information, Ultracold Atoms and recently in strongly correlated systems. I have been working in spinor gases, in the theory of entanglement, in disordered systems and in the problem of detection of strongly correlated systems realised with ultracold atoms. I work at the University Autonoma of Barcelona (Spain).

Alexej I. Streltsov

Leader of the "Many-Body Theory of Bosons" group at the Physical Chemistry Institute, University of Heidelberg, Germany.
Research interests: Quantum non-equilibrium dynamics and many-body phenomena in ultra-cold atomic clouds.

Päivi Törmä

Professor at Aalto University (Helsinki University of Technology), Finland. Research interests: theory of ultracold Fermi gases, especially imbalanced gases, the FFLO state, quantum dynamics, exact methods in 1D, three-component gases, Josephson effect.

Ari Turner

I'm a postdoc in Berkeley. I'm interested in spinor condensates and vortices, and would like to learn more about effects of quantum fluctuations at low temperatures. I'm also studying entanglement.

David Weld

Research scientist in the Ketterle-Pritchard group at MIT. I am working on experiments with ultracold bosons in optical lattices. Our focus is currently on quantum magnetism in the Mott insulator.

Biao Wu

professor at International Center for Quantum Materials, Peking University, China.
Current interests: chaotic motion in ultracold atoms, ultracold atoms in optical lattice, Berry phase.

Zixu Zhang

Graduate student at University of Pittsburgh with W. V. Liu.
Current interests: ultracold fermionic gases in BCS-BEC crossover; low dimentional optical lattice systems