Just add things you want to share, do, or organize here.

Group Dinner

Next (and last!) social dinner: Thursday December 9th
at 7:20 pm at Opal Restaurant and Bar

Please sign up before Wednesday at noon
To sign up write your name below here (click on Edit on the right up corner and then Save), indicating:
-if you have a car and how many extra seats you can offer
-if you need a ride
-the number of additional people coming with you

1. Claudia De Grandi (i'll meet you directly at the restaurant)
2. Michael McNeil Forbes (no car)
3. Alexey Gorshkov (no car)
4. Alejandro Muramatsu (no car)
5. Maciek Lewenstein (i'll meet you directly at the restaurant)
6. Thierry Giamarchi (car 3-4 seats)
7. Sarang Gopalakrishnan (no car)
8. Gabriele De Chiara (no car)
9. Shintaro Takayoshi (no car)
10. Masaki Oshikawa (no car)
11.&12. Pietro Massignan (and Beata; no car)
13. W. Vincent Liu (car, seats for 4)

Transportation will be organized to assure a seat for everyone,
if we do not have enough cars, we'll take together the bus 24X that stops in front of KITP (at 6:35pm)
We'll meet at 6:50pm in front of the main entrance of KITP (the one facing the NanoCafe and Elings Hall)
Thierry and Vincent will be driving us there.
(If you are coming independently we'll meet at 7:20pm at the restaurant)

For information contact Claudia De Grandi

Sport Activities

Anyone interested in swimming/running (maybe biking if nice bikes available for renting) or playing some sports like table tennis or soccer at the Rec.Cen. of UCSB !? Drop a line here or pop up at my office (Matteo Rizzi, 2001)

Jazz & Folk Music

SB has but one place that features jazz and folk: SOhO Restaurant & Music Club . They have decent food if you want to eat before/during a performance.

Hiking around Santa Barbara